‘Don’t arrive too soon’ message for Appleby Horse Fair 2024

With 20 days to go, Fair-goers bringing towed caravans to this year’s Appleby Horse Fair are being reminded of the need to carefully plan their journeys and not arrive too soon.

As in previous years, there have been some minor changes to the provision of temporary stopping places for the 2024 Fair, which starts on Thursday 6 June.

Great Asby ceased to be a tolerated stopping place in 2023 and there is no change in 2024. No facilities will be provided and people who have previously used the area, or intend to use the greens within Great Asby will need to make alternative stopping arrangements.

In addition, there will be no water tap available at the Tynewillows stopping place in Alston. Anyone using the area will need to have their own water supply. 

In a change to previous years, facilities at stopping places in South Lakeland will not be available until the morning of Tuesday 28 May. This includes Devil’s Bridge at Kirkby Lonsdale, Middleton Common, Rawthey Bridge at Cautley, Scrogg Bank at Sedbergh and Hodge Bridge at Barbon.

An updated list of all temporary stopping places is available at www.applebyfair.org

Traffic Regulation Orders prohibiting roadside parking will also be in place at various locations along travelling routes to the Fair. Within the Eden area, roadside camping restrictions will be in place at Sandford Road End between the A66 and the railway bridge, along sections of the A685 between Kirkby Stephen and Brough and along much of Powis Lane, between the A66 and Long Marton Church.

Gypsy, Traveller and Roma representative, Billy Welch, a member of the Multi Agency Co-ordinating Group (MASCG), who work to make the Fair a safe and enjoyable experience for residents and visitors, said: “I am appealing to the Gypsy and Traveller community at not to come too close, too soon. Early arrivals put a strain on the local community and the local authorities who provide services.  

“We all know that the number of stopping places has been shrinking each year, and there are not as many places to stay as there were, so it is important that we show consideration for residents of Appleby and the surrounding towns and villages. 

“The further out we stay, the more spread out we are, and the closer in we come, the greater the impact on the local communities. 

“I know that horse-drawn families need to set off early so they are closer in for the last pull on to the fair, but for trailer caravans please stay further out and keep your distance until the gates open.

“Please take care on the roads and travel safely.”

Steph Cordon, Chair of the Appleby Horse Fair Multi-Agency Strategic Coordinating Group (MASCG) and Director of Thriving Communities at Westmorland and Furness Council, said: “A priority for all the agencies involved in the response to the Fair it that people and their animals travel as safely as possible to and from the Fair. 

“The overriding message is, please do not come to the Fair early. Arriving too soon can cause unnecessary disruption for residents and problems on the road network, so we request that people plan-ahead and do not set off sooner than they need to.

“The continued reduction in temporary stopping places is also concern. The MASCG is keen to expand the number of stopping places and if any local landowners think they may have suitable land that could be made available, I urge them to call Westmorland and Furness Council’s Environmental Health Team on 0300 373 3300.”

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